Inspiration: 100+ years of Architectural progress that occurred in Chicago since the great fire of1871 that have consequently surrounds us in today's Architecture. Ever since I can remember, Ihave always been fascinated by the iconic Chicago Skyline. This later inspired me to exploreArchitecture in hopes of one day becoming an Architect. My only time away from that inspiringChicago Skyline was during my college years when I received my Professional Degree inArchitecture with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Design Theory at Kansas State University in1996.
Vision: The idea behind Brickstructures, Inc. was born from a concept I developed during my latercollege years which I termed Artitecture™. This fictitious word was simply created through thejoining of two of my most fondest passions: Art + Architecture. Within the wonderful world ofArchitecture I developed an even deeper more specific passion towards skyscrapers along thesharing / teaching of philosophy & design theories behind these towering marvels.
Challenge: How can I use Art to express & educate the complexity of skyscraper engineering andall the while soften the intimidating nature that most people find Architecture to be?
Solution: Level the playing field with something most of us all grew up with and can relate to nomatter who you are or where you came from: The LEGO© Brick.
Imagine - Invent - Inspire: As an artist’s medium, The LEGO brick is not initially thought of as amaterial typically used in creating art. But as an Architectural Artist, it lends itself perfectly to myapplications just as paint to a painter or metal to a blacksmith. I first and foremost do not view mymodels as literal replicas, but rather artistic interpretations that capture the essence of theirsculptural form. Again, my vision is to capture the essence of the architectural & artistic form of thegiven structure to where my translation almost becomes its pure sculptural form.
- Adam Reed Tucker